Wireline Modem Development for Real Time Borehole Monitoring

As global leaders in the field of precision borehole survey technology, and with a bent for research and development, Icefield Tools Corporation (ITC) are looking to upgrade their highly successful borehole survey tools with a feature that allows the operator to receive real time directional information from within the borehole. Currently the only way to retrieve this information is through recovering the tool and then downloading the information: this is not only time consuming but incredibly expensive in terms of equipment and manpower costs both in retrieving the information and in subsequent work hours lost. With this upgrade the equipment operator can, in real-time, determine the azimuth and dip of the drill bit and instantaneously determine how the orientation needs to change in order to make a required turn.

ITC propose to provide this real time, on the surface feature through two concurrent projects involving software and hardware upgrades. This new capability will allow ITC to expand rapidly into the Oil and Gas markets.