Tri-territorial Heat Recovery Ventilator

Heat recovery ventilators (HRV's) are recognized as the best solution for the provision of code compliant ventilation in northern dwellings.

This project intends to comprehensively monitor the installation and operation of the best quality HRV’s available in the marketplace in real situations across the north. Data will be collected to define operating shortcomings and failures, which will be fed back to participating manufacturers as a first step in the production of better quality HRVs which will work first time, every time in the northern environment.

Project Overview

The ultimate conclusion of the project is the production of a specification which will define a northern appropriate HRV which will stand up to the rigors of the north and perform exceptionally in other locations.

The first phase of this project is well underway with 4 instrumented HRVs fitted in the Whitehorse area and one fitted in Ottawa.

Installations for the second phase have now also been completed with 3 different types of HRVs being fitted into 6 housing units in Cambridge Bay, NU. These HRVs are fully instrumented with individual data-loggers recording specified parameters. The data will be streamed back to YRC where it will be collected, stored and analyzed by a local Master's student with the intent of ultimately producing a state-of-the-art HRV ideally suited for the Northern environment.

A final report of the analysis will be completed by July 2016.

  • Project Innovation Officer
  • Cold Climate Innovation
  • Yukon Research Centre
  • Rob Cooke, CHARS
  • Cate Soroczan, CMHC
  • Juergen Korn, Yukon Housing Corporation
  • Wayne Wilkinson, HVAC Specialist/Contractor
  • Charles Hache, CYGNUS
  • Jim MacEachern, Municipality of Cambridge Bay
  • Allen Lee, Cambridge Bay Housing Association
  • Gary Collins, Nunavut Housing Corporation
  • Cold Climate Innovation, Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College
  • Yukon Housing, Community and Industry Partnering
  • Canadian High Arctic Research Station
  • Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Cambridge Bay Housing Associaition
  • Nunavut Housing Corporation
  • Municipality of Cambridge Bay