Our mandate is to stimulate economic development in the Yukon through technology and cold climate innovation.

We support Yukon innovators to improve the lives of Northerners through research, innovation and commercialization. Past project areas include:

  • Health and wellness
  • Alternative energy
  • Building construction
  • Climate-related research
  • Environmental remediation
  • Food security
  • Mechanical design
  • Software


We are here to support you:


Innovation funding supports applied research, development and enhancement of applications and opportunities of cold climate, and technology innovations.

Our funding provides seed money to help individuals and businesses establish partnerships and leverage funding from other sources for the development of innovative cold climate, and other, technology applications.

Business mentoring & planning

We provide innovators with local business services which include workshops and private coaching in areas such as feasibility, market identification, market analysis and business planning.

Prototype development

Support for innovative prototype development including expertise and assistance with prototype development methodology, design, simulation, testing, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, construction and manufacture.

Project management

We work closely with you to create a project plan, which will guide you through your project. Ongoing project management assistance, advice and referrals are also available.


Projects that we support are often featured on Yukon College media releases and social media.

Patent advice

We can fund and connect you with specialized patent advisory services. These services help you decide whether it makes sense to patent your idea and, if appropriate, take you through the patenting process to protect your idea.