Proskida - Force Measuring Ski Poles

Proskida’s vision is to give cross country skiers access to data that enables them to measure and achieve their performance goals. Proskida has developed a patent-pending instrumented ski pole grip that provides cross country skiers and biathletes real-time information on their effective poling force and power output enabling them to better focus on improving performance.

Project Overview

Cross country skiers currently rely on proxy measurements, inaccurate tools and manufactured scenarios to measure their poling performance. Proskida has taken Scandinavian research methods, and applied its team’s knowledge of skiing, electrical and mechanical engineering and app development expertise. The result is a tool that measures true poling performance. At only 70 grams, the ski pole grip can be mounted on almost any cross country ski pole to provide real-time access to data that was only ever available to select few international level teams - and at that, only a few times a year.

Proskida is working with national and international level cross country ski teams to improve the product and make it ready for broader commercialization.

To find out more, or to request to participate in its closed beta test, go to You can also find Proskida on Twitter at @proskida.

  • Alastair Smith, Co-Founder of Proskida, Project Lead
  • Technology Innovation Officer, Yukon Research Centre
  • Technology Innovation