Yukon Innovation Prize

Encouraging local development and delivery of innovative products and services.

The Yukon Innovation Prize's goal is to increase the locally-provided value in goods and services sold in Yukon and in broader northern markets, enhancing health in the territory and providing employment opportunities. The competition generally occurs in the Spring of each year - check back for details.

Past winners:

2017 Yukon Innovation Prize
Birch Sap and Levan Based Skincare

This product innovation involves harvesting raw birch sap and subjecting it to a natural process using enzymes to produce cosmeceutical co-products. It is believed the combination of these co-products will prove to be highly effective in the care and maintenance of healthy skin.

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2016 Yukon Innovation Prize
Thermodynamic Greenhouses

These thermodynamic greenhouses will significantly extend the growing season in cold climates, with their use of a solar-water heating system that automatically responds to changes in temperature. The structure contains garden beds that are built like mini greenhouses so that in cooler months the heating system can focus on the individual beds, rather than heating the entire structure.

2015 Yukon Innovation Prize
Radon Mitigation System

This innovation manages radon mitigation in northern homes and buildings through a centralized control system; reducing the health risks of radon in a user friendly, and energy efficient manner. This unique system will now be moved towards commercialization with benefits to both the local economy and the environment.

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