Old Crow Solar Project

Old Crow, located along the Porcupine River in Northern Yukon Territory, is home to 245 individuals, the majority of whom are members of the Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation ("VGFN"). The existing energy system is composed of three diesel generators (170 kW, 330 kW and 600 kW) that serve the energy needs of the community. Old Crow does not have road access, and consequently, diesel fuel and other supplies must be flown in regularly.

Diesel generated energy presents a host of issues relating to environmental degradation, health concerns, reliance on external entities, and significant increases in the overall cost of energy generation attributed to importing the diesel fuel.

Project Overview

In 2009 the VGFN released an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan in which an interest in exploring the local alternative energy resources as a means of reducing the community's dependence on diesel fuel was expressed.

The mandate of Sea Breeze MicroGrid Systems, Inc.  (SBMS) is to reduce the reliance on diesel-generated power by islanded (off-grid) communities by providing environmentally sound and economically viable energy alternatives.

SBMS initiated discussions with the VGFN to see how they could assist the community in achieving their expressed energy objectives. SBMS aims to develop a high-penetration solar-diesel-storage hybrid energy system ("SDS-HES") as a means to address and resolve a multitude of energy concerns facing isolated northern communities. The first phase will involve a feasibility study that includes: a Geotechnical report of the area, system design and sizing, production estimate, operations and maintenance plan, financial model, permitting, and formalizing the partnership between SBMS and the Vuntut Gwitchin Government.

  • Sonny Banjac, Sea Breeze MicroGrid Systems, Inc.
  • Project Innovation Officer 
  • Cold Climate Innovation
  • Yukon Research Centre
  • Sea Breeze MicroGrid Systems, Inc.
  • Cold Climate Innovation, Yukon Research Centre
  • Sea Breeze MicroGrid Systems, Inc.
  • Cold Climate Innovation, Yukon Research Centre