Mechanically Removing Plastics from Compost

Composting is an increasingly popular waste management tool but plastic contaminants prevent the waste from decomposing properly.

Project Overview

The plastic separation project aimed to create a device capable of removing more than 95 percent of the stray synthetics in community compost. The machine must be affordable for smaller communities and simple enough to operate with minimal training.

Boreal Compost has partnered with the Yukon Research Centre (YRC), the Vermeer company, and the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency to develop a mechanical vibration system  that promises to achieve the targeted plastic removal levels.

Boreal Compost was issued US and Canadian patents for the technology in spring and summer of 2015 and plans to commercialize the separator.

The machine is featured in the following video .


  • Industry Partner, Vermeer Co.
  • Funding Partner, Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency. (CanNor)
  • Technology Innovation, Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College
  • Vermeer Co.
  • Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor)
  • City of Whitehorse