Learning Management System

This project involves adding micro-learning functionalities into the apprendo.io platform, in order to create a competitive advantage within the corporate training industry. To reduce the barriers an organization faces to produce online training and provide tools to employees’ information faster right when they need it. If successful it will save organizations significant time and money by better empowering their employees with the right information at the right time.

Project Overview

The Apprendo LMS solution is already on the market and this project adds innovative features and functionality to gain a competitive edge in a busy market space. Apprendo is a Software as a Service platform focused on niche market segments within specific strategic industries.

This latest iteration of Apprendo will do the work for organizations in creating their training curricula by interacting with experienced members of the company and by automating document analysis. Apprendo will provide enough structure to their knowledge that they can organize and approve instead that starting from zero. Whenever someone asks Apprendo what training program to take, Apprendo will respond to them using approved answers and knowledge from the experts within the organization.

Apprendo will continuously learn and keep up with the changing environment.