Insulation Testing on Huts

Yukon College’s Trades division has joined forces with the Yukon Research Centre's Cold Climate Innovation (CCI) and Yukon Housing to employ the skills of the college’s Pre-Employment Carpentry students. The students have built a number of small housing units, fitted with different kinds of wall assembly and insulation technology. The object was to monitor the efficiency of these units in an open-air, real-world environment to determine which methods best measure up in terms of insulating efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Project Overview

The six test huts have been assembled and deployed in the CCI compound. Testing of the initial 6 generic wall systems is complete. The huts have also been upgraded to apply positive air pressure and humidity and record moisture infiltration and air leakage.

The huts are currently being used to test wall and door systems and products for local innovators.

  • Don Gilles, Project lead, Main Builder and Building Trades Consultant
  • Simon Prégent, Project Co-lead, Data Manager and Analyst
  • Technology Innovation Officer, Yukon Research Centre
  • Dr. Lisa Kanary, Data analyst, Main Technical Writer
  • Jurguen Korn, P.Eng., Building Science Consultant
  • Yukon College
  • Yukon Housing Corporation