Impact Effect Giving Solution

Maketec Ventures Inc. (Maketec) is developing a modern, scalable and robust software platform that will support Impact Effect Systems Inc.’s (IES) extensive product roadmap that serves the North American philanthropic and social sector. The Philanthropic and Social Sector is comprised of organizations whose purpose is solving societal issues. This sector includes non-profits, impact investors, philanthropists and government organizations with increasing involvement from the business sector. In the United States, the total annual, combined revenue and funding in the sector is equivalent to $1.65 Trillion and on track to be close to $5.0 Trillion globally by 2020.

Project Overview

Maketec in collaboration with Impact Effect Systems Inc. (IES) and development partner Make IT Solutions are developing a technology solution architecture through the creation of a scalable data services API. This project intends to prove out a solution that scales in performance, functionality and services to demonstrate suitability for the foundation of IES’ platform.

This project has the potential to create approximately ten to twelve full-time technical jobs in the Yukon.