Dual Frequency Ice Penetrating Radar

This was a project to develop and field test a dual-frequency Ice Penetrating Radar (IPR) system.

Radar systems are commonly used for air-borne surveys of large areas, but ground-based surveys are a better tool for evaluating smaller glacial features and more complex terrain.

Project Overview

The new technology will allow researchers to understand how glaciers are responding to climate, including changes to their flow regimes. Ice-penetrating radar is one of the most powerful geophysical tools used in glaciology. Its applications range from ice-depth sounding, to mapping the layersof ice sheets, to inferring conditions within and below a glacier. In addition to evaluating the impact of climate change on glacial regions, this system will be valuable for water resource management and natural resources exploration.

Researchers at the Northern Climate ExChange are already using the commercial grade instrument that resulted from this project.

  • Proponent, Laurent Mingo, Blue Systems Integration Ltd.