Drilling Hot Water Supply Heater and Pump

Heated water is needed at diamond drill sites, and it is produced by an oil burning heater on the pressure side of a supply pump. The current line of heaters is inefficient and prone to failure. In the event of a heater failure, pressure and heat build to unsafe levels and create a dangerous situation for any employee in the vicinity. In the event of catastrophic failure, the heater can explode, potentially injuring people and damaging equipment. These shortcomings in heater design result in losses associated with human injury and in drilling production.

Project Overview

The project goals were to design and manufacture a more efficient and safer hot water supply system that will:

a) Increase the safety of the heater for the protection of employees.
b) Increase the efficiency of the heater to reduce emissions and operation costs.
c) Increase the reliability to reduce operational downtime.
d) Create a product of sufficient simplicity and reliability to capture 100% of the drilling water heater market share.
e) Increase the manufacturing capacity of the Yukon.
f) Employ Yukoners in the manufacturing sector.

Having had a successful first season of prototype design and testing the project team has determined an effective way to build these units.  Due to the downturn in the mineral exploration and the demand for hot water pumps, the manufacturingof these units has been put on hold.  If the demand for mineral exploration increases, the manufacturing of these hot water pumps will be considered.

  • Chris Schmidt, ACS Oil Burner Services
  • Robert Mooney, Drill Rig Engineer