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In Yukon, 49 percent of First Nations adults have a post-secondary qualification, compared to 71 percent of non-Indigenous people, according to Statistics Canada.

It will take fundamental changes to bridge the gap, and that’s exactly what EleV, a new program that’s been co-created with Yukon First Nations youth and Elders, is proposing.

EleV is the first program of its kind in Canada. It’s designed to give Indigenous students the same access to education and opportunities to learn and flourish. At Yukon College, the program aims to double the enrolment and completion rates for Yukon First Nations youth.

Re-envisioning access to and success in post-secondary education

Yukon College will enhance existing supports for Yukon First Nations students and youth and create new opportunities to increase access and remove barriers to post-secondary education. Credentialed programming will allow Yukon College to build and present university-level credential courses in rural communities.

Our team of support staff are ready to help students on their journeys.

$4.6-million in new funding

Beginning fall 2017 and over five years, $4.6-million in new funding will assist current students as well as over 300 new Indigenous students to access post-secondary and achieve their education and life goals.

All Indigenous learners at Yukon College will benefit from expanded support services on campus and within their communities. The overall aim is to build a strong collaborative network of community and institutional partners who support Indigenous youths’ education and life goals.

Why this matters

Routes logoRoutes newspaper shares stories of youth success. From a group of learners building a tiny house to students getting on-the-land training at a local exploration site, Routes explores the people and the programs that aim to give Yukon youth the supports necessary to thrive and flourish.

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Meet the team

Contact Jim, Lue, or Dwight to get started today.

Jim Pope

Jim Pope
Transition Support Instructor

Jim knows what it’s like to face hardships and challenges. Jim provides one-on-one support and help for students making the transition from the justice system, probation, treatment programs and group homes to their community, and seeking to re-engage with education.

Lue Maxwell

Lue Maxwell
Education, Career and
Life-Planning Mentor

Those seeking to re-engage with education can talk to Lue for help finding their own career paths, and navigating the challenges that come up at home and at school.

Dwight Snowshoe

Dwight Snowshoe
Academic & Transition Support

Distance learning can be a challenge. Dwight provides one-to-one support in your community to help students get connected, stay motivated and better understand their assignments.

To access supports, please contact:

Davida Wood

Director, First Nations Initiatives
First Nations Initiatives

Margot Neely

Team Leader, EleV
Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining