Communities, Innovation & Development

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Education, at any stage of life, can be flexible, innovative, and accessible.

Communities, Innovation and Development (CID) is a new division at Yukon College, established in 2017, to engage our partners and Yukoners to support social and economic opportunity in the territory while providing learning opportunities to diverse learners at all stages of life.

We aim to advance the social and economic interests of Yukon people and northern communities by working with key partners, such as Yukon First Nations, industry, and federal and territorial governments.

Through our network of community campuses and our centres/ institutes, we offer personal, career and professional education courses and programs; innovation and entrepreneurial engagement, and;  community service projects across the territory. We also collaborate with Yukon College’s academic and research divisions to share our learnings and to strengthen Yukon College’s engagement and community service across the territory. Learn more about our units below.

Courses & Programs
Our units offer a range of courses and programs

Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining (CNIM)

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Develops and delivers innovative and flexible employment and career training to best suit Yukon’s labour market needs for the mining industry.  CNIM also works with industry and Yukon College’s research centre to identify research priorities and opportunities in the mining sector.

Cold Climate Innovation

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Enables partnerships between applied scientific researchers, industry and government to develop, commercialize and export sustainable cold climate technologies and related solutions for subarctic regions around the world.

Community Education and Development

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Consisting of 13 community campuses throughout Yukon, this unit offers residents of Yukon’s rural communities access to distance learning, community specific trades education, safety training, and community-based programs.


Continuing Education

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Develops, delivers and coordinates, flexible courses and certificate programs to help learners achieve personal and professional development, and workforce required certifications.

Youth Programs

We offer Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) themes in camp, club, and workshop formats to children in the grades K-12 across Yukon.

Northlight Innovation

Yukon Colleges Partnership in Yukon’s newest innovation network

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A dynamic space that hosts  Cold Climate Innovation (CCI) and promotes an entrepreneurial culture of innovation and commercialization, and aims to build Yukon as a leading centre of innovation in the North.

Northern Institute of Social Justice

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Develops and delivers social justice-related training for workers in a broad range of jobs.

Sector Specific Programs

CID also incubates new programs and initiatives by responding to emerging labour market demands driven by growth in economic sectors, such as mining or renewable energy.  

The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers (TIOW) (re)develops older workers, underemployed, for continued contribution to the labour-market.

Yukon Water and Wastewater Operator (YWWOP) helps people gain the skills needed to work in water provision as well as wastewater management and treatment sectors.

Yukon Fisheries Field Assistant Program (Fish Tech) is an intensive program that gives students the training necessary for fisheries-related work.

CID PLAN 2020 – 2040

We have the honour of developing a plan for CID that will set our foundation for the next 20 years. We hope you will join the conversation and provide us with your ideas.

Our new Plan will serve as a road map, with our collective vision and purpose for the future, and supporting goals and strategies to guide our programs and services.

We want to hear from faculty, staff, students, external partners and communities to help us shape our mission and vision, and to make us a more cohesive department within Yukon College that better serves our learners and their communities.

Yukon College Pit
500 College Drive (beside bookstore)
March 6, 2019 | 12pm – 1pm
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Northlight Innovation -Yukon College Space
2180 2nd Avenue
March 5, 2019 | 10am – 11pm
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Yukon Research Centre
Northern Board Room
March 6, 2019 | 10am – 11pm
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