Wildlife Encounters

Remaining calm is the most important thing to do.

You should also:

  • Choose routes with good visibility where possible.
  • Avoid hiking or biking alone.
  • Stay alert. Keep an eye out for bears so you can give them plenty of room. Look for recent bear signs such as tracks, scat, fresh diggings or tree scratches. (If you see any of these, be especially cautious).
  • Make noise to let bears know you’re coming, especially in thick brush, berry patches or near running water.
  • Loud talking or singing is better than using bells.
  • Don’t approach a bear for a closer look or better photo.
  • Group together if there are other people present.
  • Speak calmly but firmly to the bear.
  • If the bear is staying still, back away slowly, but DON'T RUN. Leave the area.
  • If the bear is focused on you and keeps coming as you back away, try standing your ground, raising your arms and speaking loudly.
  • Notify Safety and Security (334-6042 or via the YC Mobile app)
  • Notify Yukon Conservation Officer (667-8005 or via the YC Mobile app).