How to Pay

Bill Payment Method

We accept bill payments from the following banks: Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, Royal Bank, CIBC and Toronto Dominion Bank.
By Credit

On your first visit, your PIN is your date of birth (DDMMYY).  Repeat visitors will have changed their PIN to another six-digit number.  If you forget that number, click Forgot PIN and answer the security question that you answered on your previous visit. 

Signing on

  • Go to Banner Self-Serve.
  • Enter your User ID
  • Your user ID is your 9 digit student number (eg. 000012345) as listed on your student ID card or registration form
  • Enter your PIN

Processing payment

  1. Click on Student Services then select Student Account Menu
  2. Click on Web Payment and select Continue
  3. View Activity – You can select this to see details of your student account
  4. Click Make a Payment (Far right there is a box with the amount already filled in with the amount owing on your account – either accept the full amount or change the amount to what you are paying) then select Continue
  5. Select Payment Method – drop down box (only accepts credit cards or debit visa)
  6. Enter Credit Card number and select Continue to complete payment transaction. 

Confirmation & receipt

  • Once you are done there will be a confirmation page and then a payment receipt
  • Please print the payment receipt for your records

Online Banking

You can setup Yukon College as a bill/vendor payee on your online banking system.  Please follow these steps (note — each online banking system may vary slightly in setting up payees)

  1. Sign into your online banking
  2. Select Bill Payment
  3. Select Add a Payee
  4. Enter payee/vendor name:  Yukon College
  5. Enter Account Number – this will be your 9 digit student number (e.g. 0000123456)
  6. Select Confirm

Student fees (tuition, housing charges and other fees) can be paid through online banking.

At the Bank

If you have an account at any of the banks named above, you can go to the counter with your 9 digit student number (e.g. 000012345) and the customer representative will set up Yukon College as a bill payee.  You will be able to pay fees at the bank counter or at the bank machine.