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Canadian Applicants

If you are a resident of Canada, please refer to the online application instructions for specific directions about our online application process.

Winter applications open October 15th – December 15th
Fall applications open October 15th – August 15th

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International Applicants

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International Application Package

Mail, courier, e-mail or fax your completed application to:

Yukon College International
500 College Drive
PO Box 2799

Y1A 5K4

f. 867.668.5210

Keep in mind

Processing time for Canadian and International applications may take up to four weeks. Some programs have early application deadlines (March-May).

Please contact the Program Advisor found on the Programs pages for deadline information.

Canadian students in their final year of high school should be aware of all application deadlines, and apply early even though they have not yet completed the required courses. They should also arrange for their high school to send final transcripts directly to Yukon College when those become available.
Supporting documentation

Canadian students, please provide proof of your previous education in one of the following ways:

High School graduates

  • Submit an official copy of your transcript

Grade 12 students

  • Submit your transcript and a copy of your most recent report card
  • Arrange to have your high school send a final transcript when it becomes available

Mature students

(19 years of age or older or 17 years of age and out of school at least one full academic year)

  • Submit your high school transcript
  • You may also be required to write College Assessments
Collection, use and disclosure of student information

Personal information collected from applicants will be held and used in accordance with the Yukon Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP) and the Yukon College Information Access and Privacy Protection policy. This information will be used for admission, registration, fee collection, and maintenance of your student record and other purposes consistent with the mandate of the institution. Contact information is shared with the Yukon College Student Union. The personal information you provide is also used for authorized statistical and research purposes.

Students who would like Yukon College to release financial and/or academic information to an individual, a parent, or an agency external to the College must give the College written permission to release that information. At the time of registration, students may authorize the release of specific information to individuals or organizations.

Please refer to the Yukon College Information Access and Privacy Protection Policy for more information on the use of student information. If you have any questions about the collection, use, and disclosure of student information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 867.668.8710.

What's next?

1. Wait for your Letter of Acceptance

Be patient. Applications take up to four weeks to process once we receive all of your documents. 

We must receive every document listed as an admission requirement on your program page before we're able to process your application. Be sure to send them in as soon as you apply to avoid delays. We will send you a request if your documents aren't received with your application.

2. Congratulations, you've been accepted!

You'll receive a Letter of Acceptance when your application has been successfully processed.

 Complete your enrolment


Email or call  1.867.668.8720 (toll free 1.800.661.0504). We're happy to help!

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