Funding priorities

Across Yukon College, there are a number of initiatives that would benefit from the financial support of donors and sponsors. In some cases, the need is greatest at the individual student level, in others the need is in creating opportunities in the form of program support or capital improvements. 

We know you, our donors, want to support students in a way that matches your personal interest and desire to give back.

To start the conversation, we have outlined some of our current funding priorities below and invite you to speak with us about finding the program or priority that inspires you. 

Student Awards

Students are at the heart of Yukon College and are an integral part of Yukon’s future. Through donor-funded support to student awards, the Foundation has committed to increasing student access for those with financial need and rewarding outstanding achievement.

Awards can be based on academic or personal achievement, financial need, or a combination of the two, along with other specialized criteria. We will work with you to tailor selection criteria that reflect your objectives and interests.

To see examples of current donor-funded scholarships and bursaries, please visit our Awards page.

Naming an award

Establishing a named scholarship or bursary is a meaningful way to honour a loved one, commemorate a special occasion or create a legacy. There are two methods of funding a named award:

1. Endowed award

Donors can create a permanent endowment where the initial donation is invested in perpetuity and the award is funded annually with the interest income generated. To create an endowment, a minimum gift of $10,000 is required, which can be paid over five years.

2. Annual award

You may choose to make an annual gift in the amount of your award. A minimum annual gift of $500 is required, and must be pledged for at least three years.

Please contact us to discuss your intention to create a student award.

YC Fund

Gifts to the YC Fund, provides the Yukon College Foundation flexibility to both support priorities and to respond to emerging opportunities.

Your gift, along with those of your fellow donors, will be pooled and directed to support areas of greatest need. This may include:

  • Student emergency fund
  • Faculty, department and program priorities
  • Resources and equipment for the library, fitness centre, teaching and learning
  • Building improvements
  • Research initiatives

Thank you for making your gift today.

Indigenous Self-Determination Institute

Yukon is recognized across Canada, and around the globe, as a leader in Indigenous self-government and land claim negotiations. The vision to create an Institute is a collaboration between Yukon’s 14 First Nations and Yukon College. The Indigenous Self-Determination Institute would meet two significant needs within the community, helping to address capacity challenges faces by Indigenous governments, and those working with them, and serving as a hub for research into modern treaties, topics related to self-determination and challenges Indigenous governments and communities face, such as water quality, energy and food security.

Modern education, rooted in tradition, offers unlimited opportunities for the future. With the support and commitment of all 14 Yukon First Nations, Yukon College and you, our donors, we are uniquely positioned to find solutions to challenges Indigenous communities face, to advise organizations working with Indigenous groups, to support today’s First Nations leaders and to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.

Join the journey. Contact us today to learn how you can support research, course development, leadership development, infrastructure and community engagement initiatives.


Yukon College, through the Yukon Research Centre, encourages passion for discovery and invention. Thanks to the financial support of government, community partners and friends of the College, faculty and students are able to carry out many outstanding research projects, further establishing our reputation as an innovative leader in finding northern solutions for northern problems.

Please visit the Yukon Research Centre for more information, or contact us to discuss opportunities to support current and future funding initiatives.


To retain its key position as the heart of knowledge at Yukon College, our library must continue to evolve. Planning is underway for renovations to the library, transforming it into a centralized learning commons. With these renovations, the library will become a hub for student collaboration and learning support, it will offer new and innovative resources for students and will support the rise in applied research on campus.

Please contact us to discuss your interest in the library and our learning commons initiative.

Biodiversity monitoring

The Biodiversity Monitoring Program at Yukon College is an action-oriented, faculty- and student-driven, field research project that has been tracking key indicators of change in Yukon's ecosystems for more than 40 years. Field monitoring studies gather and record standard sets of data, such as species numbers, reproduction and general population health, providing valuable insight into our changing environment. Currently, the biodiversity monitoring program has three areas of focus:

  • Public education and taxonomy
  • Tracking indicator species
  • Providing data to help address and support conservation, cooperative management and research initiative

Contact us today to learn how you can support this incredible research.