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Wetland Analysis and Monitoring

Established: Ongoing since 1974.

This basic survey of wetlands uses a variety of wetland species as focus to provide a measure of ecosystem functions and values. Physiology, hydrology, and population use are researched. Habitat management and protection criteria are key; current focus is long term monitoring of the Sekulmun wetland, Shallow Bay, the Roop wetland, the Nordenskjold and the Old Crow Flats.

Field work involves both ground and air survey of wetland species: breeding duck pairs, brood counts, habitat assessment, hydrological features, top predator use and a variety of associated measures.

A protection startegy is currently being developed for the Shallow Bay wetland. The Old Crow wetland project has developed into an analysis of long-term change as a result of a changing climate.

Ongoing reports and publications cover significant details and trends. Wetlands are recognized as by far the most important systems responsible for Yukon biodiversity.

This project is a part of Biodiversity Monitoring at the Yukon Research Centre.

2009. A survey of bird use of the wetlands of the Tatchun-to-Minto Yukon valley. Northern Research Inst Ms. Yukon College: Partner: Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation - 22pp.

2008. Water-level monitoring of wetlands in the Whitehorse-Carmacks water bird pair count sample. N.Res Inst ms, Yukon College. 5pp.

2007. The Kloo wetland, a reconnaissance of its ecological diversity 1988-93. Northern Res. Inst. Ms 40 pp.

2007. The Shallow Bay wetland. An analysis of its natural history and a plan for protection. K.Robichaud and D. Mossop. N.R.I ms, Yukon College 45 pp


Project Team

Lead Researcher, Dave Mossop, Professor Emeritus, Yukon Research Centre
Research Support, Yukon College students

Project Partners

Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation (1975-78; 2012)
Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation (1999-2001)
Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation (2008-09)
Champagne Aishihik First Nation (1988-1993)
Ta'an Kwachan First Nation (1975-2007)
Department of Environment, Government of Yukon

Project Funders

Annual proposals made to various sources.
Northern Research Endowment Fund, Yukon Research Center, Yukon College