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Research Into the Use of Biochar in Yukon Mine Reclamation

Established: 2012

There has been significant interest in the use of Biochar in agricultural applications in recent years due to its potential to improve soil quality, sequester carbon and generate fuel. Now there is a growing interest in applying principles proven in previous research to current mine reclamation challenges, helping to restore biological productivity whilst reducing the mine’s  ecological footprint. Building on the undoubted success of previous research and field-work into the benefits and applications of biochar, Phase 2 of this particular arm of the research will maintain and monitor existing plots, locally produced biochar will be tested in new plots and will be subjected to column testing to determine the effects of the biochar on Yukon mine-affected soils. The benefits from a reclamation standpoint are many; improved soil quality, faster and more sustainable return to biological productivity, enhanced portable skills and knowledge in mine reclamation and economic activities associated with mine reclamation. Apart from these, biochar may have broader impacts on mining ranging from carbon sequestration to power generation.

Project Partners

Ken Nordin, Laberge Environmental Services