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Vacuum insulated panel monitoring of CAFN Hutshi Home

Project Completed: June 30, 2015

In Yukon, the climate is particularly cold in winter, heating costs are a significant portion of total energy use, and thermal insulation is a key component that determines the energy efficiency of the built environment. National Research Council has been working with various stakeholders in the Canadian construction industry to accelerate the adoption of high performance thermal insulation materials such as Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs). This project investigated the application of vacuum insulation panels for wall insulation for an entire building, through an instrumented field trial in Haines Junction, Yukon. As a consequence this will help broaden the scope and application of VIPs, and advance knowledge on issues related to constructability and long-term performance of VIPs in the extreme cold climate in northern areas of Canada.

While the performance of VIPs remained consistent in both main and crawlspace walls during the obsevation period from October 2014 to January 2015, further investigation will be required over a longer period of time to find out the effectiveness and long-term thermal performance of VIPs. 

Project Team

Doug MacLean, Energy Solutions Centre
Project Innovation Officer, Cold Climate Innovation

Project Partners

Champagne Aishihik First Nation, Energy Solutions Center, Yukon Housing, Cold Climate Innovation, Yukon Research Center, Yukon College

Project Funders

Champagne Aishihik First Nation
Energy Solutions Center
Yukon Housing
Cold Climate Innovation