Northern Review

Exploring Human Experience in the North

Call for Poetry, Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction!
Deadline 31 May 2017

The Northern Review is seeking submissions for our third literary issue, to be published in Fall 2017. We’re interested in previously unpublished* poetry, short works of fiction, and creative non-fiction about the North and/or set in the North. We’re also interested in scholarship on northern literature.

Submissions should be uploaded at our online journal site at
You will first need to register as an “author” at the site, and then follow the steps for starting a new submission.
Questions? Contact Managing Editor Deanna McLeod

The Northern Review is a multidisciplinary journal exploring human experience in the Circumpolar North. We are published by the School of Liberal Arts.

The journal is the only peer-reviewed publication in Canada devoted exclusively to northern issues and published north of 60. Since 1988, we have published articles covering a broad range of human issues and topics in the social sciences, humanities, health, law, and the arts.

The editors invite research articles and book reviews relating to human experience in, and thought about, the Circumpolar North.

Contact Deanna McLeod, Managing Editor for a copy of the submission guidelines or to subscribe.

Links below guide you to the journal's full-text articles and book reviews available through Open Journal Systems (hosted by SFU). Please register as a reader at that site to be notified when we publish new issues.

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Forthcoming Issues

Number 44 | 2017
Special issue: World War I & the North

Number 45 | 2017
General + special collection on Innovation

Number 46 | 2017
Special literary issue

Current Issue

Number 43 | 2016
Published online December 5, 2016
Includes special collection Nursing Education in the Circumpolar North
Guest edited by Heather Exner-Pirot
Cover artist: Lianne Marie Leda Charlie, Wolf Clan, Tagé Cho Hudän | Big River People
"Tagé Cho | Big River"

Back Issues

Number 42 | 2016
Published online July 6, 2016
Includes special collection Northern Inequalities: Global Processes, Local Legacies
Guest edited by Andrew Hodgkins and Barret Weber
Cover artist: Mrs. Annie Smith, "Women's Mitts"

Number 41 | 2015
Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic
Guest edited by Chris Southcott
Cover photo credit: Syd Cannings

Number 40 | 2015
General issue
Cover artist: Nicole Bauberger, Detail from "Whitehorse to Inuvik, #17"

Number 39 | 2015
Consultation and Resource Development in Northern Communities: Russia, Scandinavia, and Canada
Guest edited by Greg Poelzer
Articles also available in Russian
Cover artist: Owen Munroe, "The Face of Force"

Number 38 | 2014
Includes special collection: Political and Economic Change in Canada’s Provincial North
Guest edited by Ken Coates and Greg Poelzer
Cover artist: Daphne Mennell, "Wild Crocuses, First Kiss of Spring"

Number 37 | Fall 2013
Includes special collection: The Arctic Council, the EU and Polar Politics: Canada, France, Germany, Russia & the UK
Guest edited by Frances Abele, Carleton University
Cover artist: Stephanie Ryan, "Ben-My-Chree Gardens"

Number 36 (Fall 2012)
General issue

Number 35 (Spring 2012) 
Tourism and Travel in the Circumpolar North 

Number 34 (Fall 2011)  
General issue

Number 33 (Spring 2011)  
Canada’s Role in the Circumpolar World

Number 32 (Spring 2010)  
General issue 

Number 31 (Fall 2009)  
Literary issue: Northern poetry, fiction, and essays 

Number 30 (Spring 2009)  
The Social Economy of Northern Canada 

Number 29 (Fall 2008) 
The Northern Research Institute. Fifteen years of building Yukon research capacity.

Number 28 (Spring 2008)
Rapid landscape change and human response in the Arctic and Subarctic.

Number 27 (Fall 2007)
Festschrift in Honour of Aron Senkpiel.

Number 25/26 (Summer 2005) 
Includes special collection on governance in the provincial norths.

Please check our archives for content from Numbers 1 through 24.