Research Services

Invitation to Research (brochure)

The Yukon Research Centre (YRC) provides a wide range of services to visiting researchers through logistics support, support space, accommodation and a laboratory tailored for northern research.

YRC encourages all researchers working in Yukon to consult the Protocols and Principles for Conducting Reseach with First Nations. This document was developed by Yukon College's First Nations Initiatives with contributions from the President’s Advisory Committee on First Nations Initiatives (PACFNI).

Logistics Support
YRC can provide logistical support to visiting researchers in the form of contacts, information, administrative support, work space, long and short-term storage and contracting local field assistants.

YRC is located on the Yukon College campus in a complex containing the Yukon Arts Centre and the Yukon Archives in Whitehorse. YRC has access to Yukon College’s large trade’s complex, which houses carpentry, welding, electronics, electrical, and automotive shops. Yukon College also has an extensive library and cataloguing system, gymnasium, computer labs and large serviced parking lots. It also has the usual complement of classrooms, lecture theatre, and lounges. These facilities support the research center, particularly with respect to specialized needs, logistics and community outreach and education. In addition, the college has video-conferencing abilities throughout the territory and all of the communities have high-speed internet access.

Support Space
Meeting and work space can be made available in the laboratory, YRC administrative building and within Yukon College. Researchers have access to telephone, fax, printing and copying services, wireless internet access, research stations, computers, projectors and video conferencing.

Your home away from home

The YRC residence is a fully furnished, self contained house located on the Yukon College campus. In close proximity to the YRC laboratory and administrative building, the residence can accommodate both individual researchers and small research groups. The residence contains 3 double beds. The YRC house includes 2 bedrooms, a living room, full bathroom, kitchen, dining room and laundry services. The residence is also located near Yukon College’s cafeteria; the Kinnikinnick Kaff.

Whether you are joining us for the first time, or returning to Whitehorse, you may have a few questions. The Yukon Research Centre (YRC) residence accommodates a variety of user groups. The Yukon Research Centre Residence Handbook is designed to make your stay easier by outlining our expectations and letting you know more about the space.

For more information or to make a booking contact or call 867.668.8895.

The YRC Laboratory is a multi-purpose facility designed to class II biosafety specifications. The lab has both wet and dry space capabilities and includes standard lab equipment, as well as an atomic absorption spectrometer.

The lab has a growth chamber and walk-in freezer. It also contains a work bay/preparation area, cold and warm secured storage, a boardroom and desk space.

The cold storage building (146 sq/m) located next to the lab is equipped with two large bay doors and heavy duty shelving. Both the lab and storage building are within a fenced compound. Short and long term storage can be arranged.

“YRC offers a multidisciplinary and cooperative working environment that supports student research. I have found that the people and the setting make the YRC what it is; an exciting, productive and inspiring place to be.”
- Jess Vaughan, PhD candidate In Quaternary Geology, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta