Typically 4 years of full time credit courses.
Typically 2 years of full time credit courses.
Typically 1 year of full time credit courses.
Completion Certificate
Timeline varies, may or may not include credit courses.

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Course lists can be found within a program. If you’d like to take only one or two courses within a program, or pick a course from here and a course from there, please confirm with the department(s) advisor. Please note, some programs do not offer the option of letting students take courses without enrolling in the program, such as the trades.

Many courses are university transferable. On the course page you are able to see which courses transfer to which universities. Program Coordinators may be able to provide additional information

For application and registration information, see the important dates page.

In addition to academic courses, there are also continuing education courses.

College and University Prep

Academic & Career

Education - Yukon Native Teacher
Course List | Academic Information
School of Health, Education and Human Services


Professional and Personal Development