I was really surprised when I came to Yukon College. The teachers are welcoming, the infrastructure is good and in particular, the location of the College is very attractive - at the top of a hill with a view of downtown. The view takes away my stress. I love the Yukon and Yukon College too.

Khoa | Vietnam

The College residence is very comfortable and the staff is friendly and supportive. Of course, I have met many friends from Canada and other countries. Whitehorse seems quiet but a lot of things are going on, like performances and music festivals.

Yevgeniya | Khazikstan

The Yukon is so beautiful. If you are an adventure person this is the best place to come! Seeing the Northern Lights was the most amazing experience in my life!

ESL – The ESL program is excellent. We study different areas every day: grammar, pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary, and the teachers are amazing. I think that coming to Yukon College was a great decision!

Dariella | Venezuela

When I arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon, I was exhausted. I was not able to stand up with the cold and freezing weather. Not only that, I thought this place is too small for me. However, time goes fast and quickly I realized that Whitehorse is the most beautiful city that I have ever been to. I love to study at Yukon College due to the many study opportunities and the beautiful city.

First of all, Yukon College provides students various opportunities such as many outdoor activities, meeting a wide range of people and making foreign friends. Since many foreign students come to Yukon College, I was able to have the chance to talk with people from Germany, Japan, China, Thailand, and Kazakhstan. Besides, at Yukon College people are so nice and kind to foreigners. Whenever I had little and small problem, they tried to figure it out for me. Yukon College helped me many things. From my personal experience, when I participated in ESL (English as a Second Language) class, we tried to go outside and learn new things in English. During the Canada Winter Games (February 2007), I volunteered for two weeks. I had spent an enjoyable time doing security. If nobody had helped me volunteer, I would never have had such a great opportunity.

On top of that, Yukon is the best place to enjoy outdoor activities. We can go hiking, skiing, even just go for a walk and see the scenery. People especially enjoy watching northern lights which can only bee seen in the North part of the Earth in the winter season. When everything started to melt, I was so surprised that sun rises at 4 o’clock in the morning and sets at 2 o’clock in the morning. Not only for that, in summer time, there is lot of fun canoeing, bicycling, and swimming. What I most like is having a camp fire with friends. We sit together and made ‘smores’; marshmallow with graham crackers!

Kim | Korea

I came to Whitehorse because there are not many Chinese people and I’m forced to speak in English. I was surprised to see Whitehorse; I love it – tall mountains, green trees, and cool rivers.

Ken | China

I retired last spring to start a new life. My husband hopes to join me here soon. When I stood in front of the College residences and saw the mountains, I could not take a breath.

Hideko | Japan

The reason I came to the Yukon was to explore the countryside. Yukon College is so comfortable for studying English because the College is surrounded by wilderness and mountains.

Ryosuke | Japan

I decided to come to Yukon College and graduate in Business Administration to improve my future. I manage well in my studies because the classes are well organized and the teachers are great. The tuition fees at the College are lower compared to other colleges or universities in British Columbia.

I like Whitehorse because it is a small city with beautiful mountains and in between the mountains is the sparkling Yukon River. The Yukon is a beautiful place with snow in the winter and in the summer the mountains and trees turn green. It is a really nice place to be.

Sudhir | India