There are many courses in Continuing Education  that can contribute to your internationalization. We invite you to check them out and 'internationalize' yourself!


Homestay is a popular exchange program that offers an opportunity for Whitehorse residents to learn about other cultures while providing a home environment for international students. Contact the International Education Coordinator for the homestay host application and to discuss future opportunities at international@yukoncollege.yk.ca or
867 668-8897

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Yukon College International offers a variety of internationalizing opportunities to Yukoners on a year-round basis.


The realities of globalization and growing international interdependence are prompting educational changes in terms of what is being taught and how it is being taught in educational institutions around the world.  Schools, colleges, institutes and universities are increasingly committing themselves to developing the international dimension of their classrooms and communities.  Already Yukoners have experienced and taken part in internationalization efforts, including:

  • Forging friendships between Yukoners and international students, faculty and staff that foster good-will and understanding with people from social and economic classes around the world.
  • Developing internationally and interculturally competent graduates with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to work and live in today's interdependent world.
  • Broadening the educational experience for students at home and abroad to consider more than one or two cultural approaches to business, trades, the arts and all College programming.
  • Enhancing the quality of education and research and bringing inter-cultural innovation into education and training.