All fees are in Canadian dollars. 


Program fees are due upon arrival and before starting classes.

Application Fee – non refundable $100.00
Technology Fee $100.00
Student Union Fee $30.00
Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Testing $50.00
English as a Second Language (ESL)-Advanced and Intermediate Level
Semester fee (15 weeks) $3,875.00*
Weekly fee (Intermediate or Multi-level only) $268.00
* Includes the option of auditing up to two college prep courses, one college prep course and one academic course, for Advanced ESL students only
English as a Second Language (ESL)-Multi-level (Summer only)
Semester fee (12 weeks) $3,216.00
Diploma and Certificate Programs  
One semester (15-16 weeks) $4,150*
*Students can take 9-15 credits per semester.
Renewable Resources, Mineral Resources, Culinary Arts and Health Care Assistant Programs
Semester fee $4,950
Trades Programs  
Semester fee (20 weeks) $5,200


Books and supplies  
ESL approximately $150.00 a semester
Other programs $500-$700 a semester
Campus Housing $1,830.00 a semester
Campus Housing deposit $415.00 (for single rooms)
Campus Housing application fee $20.00
Homestay (includes meals) $700.00 a month
Homestay deposit $700.00
Homestay application fee $200.00 (non refundable)
Other required fees  
Technology fee $100.00 per semester
Student Union fee $30.00 per semester
Health Insurance $1.70 to $1.80 a day through a private company
Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) Testing $50.00


Yukon College International fees are generally non-refundable.  Under extreme circumstances a refund may be approved by the manager of Yukon College International, upon receipt of a written request that explains the specific circumstances.  Personal or immediate family emergencies are the only reasons considered.  If approved, refunds will be given as follows:

Withdrawal prior to course start date Full refund
Withdrawal by the end of the first full week of classes Full refund
Withdrawal within the third week of classes Refund 80% of tuition
Withdrawal within the fourth week of classes Refund 50% of tuition
After the fourth week No refund

Note: No refunds will be provided after the periods indicated above.

  • No refund will be given for Academic and Career programs once the classes have started.
  • No application fees are refundable.
  • If you have paid the tuition deposit and show proof that your study permit has been denied, your deposit―less a $650 administration fee―will be refunded.

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