You might be surprised to learn how warm Whitehorse can be!  The average temperature in the winter (November to February) is -14 degrees Celsius, with a usual range of minus 10 to minus 25.  Average summer temperatures range from 10 to 25 degrees.

Did you know that Whitehorse is the driest city in the entire country?  There are low levels of rain here, but a lot of sun. The city’s climate allows for year-round outdoor activities!

Current Whitehorse weather


Most international students use Vancouver International Airport as their ‘Port of Entry’ into Canada.  This is where you are likely to get your student visa.  When you arrive at the Vancouver Airport Customs counter, present your Visa Approval Letter.

It is easy to get to Whitehorse from Vancouver.  It’s only a two-hour flight.  Air Canada and Air North both fly to Whitehorse daily.

Homestay students will be picked up at the airport by their host family.  Students staying in residence can take the hotel shuttle bus, located in the baggage arrival area, and request drop-off at Yukon College residence.

when you’re coming and we’ll help you get familiar with your new home!

For flight information, see:
Getting here by air
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Whitehorse is the capital city of the Yukon Territory, which is located in the northern part of Canada, near Alaska.

Whitehorse is in the south of the Yukon Territory.  The Yukon Territory is one of the ten provinces and three territories that make up Canada.  A territory is similar to a province, but just with a smaller population. Territories are the rugged, adventurous areas in Canada!


Living in the Yukon is a uniquely Canadian experience.  Nowhere in Canada can you get so close to Canada’s history.  Dawson City, in the Yukon Territory, was one of the original cities of the country with a large, bustling population.  There was gold in Dawson City and people from across North America wanted it.  The Klondike Gold Rush is a significant time in Canada’s history.  Come see the world-famous Yukon and experience the original Canada!

With a population of 25,000, Whitehorse is home to an active arts and culture scene.  The city offers live theater, two movie theaters, concerts, art galleries and several unique festivals.  Located in the middle of a stunningly beautiful natural environment, outdoor opportunities are everywhere, such as mountain biking, canoeing and hiking, as well as cross-country skiing and snowboarding in the winter.  The city is also home to all levels of government for the region.  As a world-famous tourist destination, the Yukon has a lot to offer.

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