Hilltop Bistro

The Hilltop Bistro at Yukon College is a fine dining training facility for Yukon College Food and Beverage, and Culinary Arts students.


The Bistro is open for lunch Tuesdays to Thursdays with seatings at 11.00, 11.15,11:30, 11:45, 12:00, and 12:15.

The menu changes bi-weekly and can be viewed on our community hub page.

The Bistro is open from October to May. Reservations are required: bistroreservations@yukoncollege.yk.ca

Bon appétit!


Capacity: 45 for standing reception or sit-down dinner. Bar service and catering are available.

For private event booking, please contact Gene Batten at gbatten@yukoncollege.yk.ca or 867.668.8855.


The Hilltop Bistro also operates as a Community Gallery, showcasing a new artist every fall and winter term. For information on how to have your artwork featured in the Bistro, email collegerelations@yukoncollege.yk.ca


Deanna (Dee) Bailey is the featured artisit for the Winter 2016 Term.

Artist's Statement: Opening Doors: From Yukon to Côte d’Azur

One of my primary goals as an artist has been to interest viewers in nature in hopes that more people will consider and respect what we have around us. I also enjoy depicting everyday beauty that one might forget to notice during a busy day.

While completing my artist residency in the old town of Vallauris, France in November 2015, my focus shifted from landscapes and natural scenery to the vestiges of nature intertwined, and sometimes competing with, the tight structures of the community – specifically doors. I had moved from untamed vast nature to tight, historical stone communities. Often I was overwhelmed yet delighted by the differences in scenery between the Yukon and the French Mediterranean.

The door compositions began as unfamiliar beauty to me then grew to symbolize new beginnings and possibilities, on both artistic and personal levels. Travelling across France on my own revived self-assurance and inspired new ideas on how to progress my artistic practice. Exploring the visual richness of the communities and then developing new ideas to depict them created an invigorating path during the residency.

I enjoy working on the border of two- and three-dimensional. Creating with modelling clay has assisted me in incorporating sculptural properties into my painterly work. Being surrounded by the historical influence of ceramic artisans in Vallauris, my fellow residents and the innovative experimentation of Picasso inspired me to also address this new focus in ceramics and modelling clay.

Upon returning to the Yukon I began to take notice of local doors and buildings, with fresh eyes. I decided to visually compare and contrast similar elements I have photographed in the Côte d’Azur and the Yukon for my exhibition. The images in ‘Opening Doors’ represent nature intertwined in harmony with communities as well as new opportunities and paths.

Artist biography

Deanna (Dee) Bailey grew up in Alberta and arrived in the Yukon in 2010. She completed fine art and biology studies, with a specialization in scientific illustration at the University of Lethbridge and University of Alberta.

Interested in pushing the boundaries of two dimensional art and attempting to make paintings more sculptural, she has been exploring modelling clay painting since 2006. Dee is also interested in finding new ways to present scientific illustration. Preoccupied with detail, most of her work is fairly intricate.

Dee’s strong love of nature, wildlife and the outdoors is often the subject matter of her art. She attempts to include a bit of nature in each picture with the hope that viewers will continue to consider our environment.  Dee primarily enjoys painting, collage and drawing. Inspiration is drawn from nature, wildlife, environmental issues, folk art, Claymation, music and scientific illustration.