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Whether you’re looking to explore a new career path or refresh your skills, these programs and courses will help you maximize your potential in the world of work. Establish yourself as an internationally-certified Project Management Professional, improve your skills as a leader and supervisor, replace uncertainty with confidence as a Human Resources Administrator and reinforce your knowledge of sound bookkeeping practices with the support of some of the Yukon’s finest professionals.

Please note: if a course has no scheduled offerings, this means that the course date has already passed. Please contact us for our next available offering (or to express interest) at ce@yukoncollege.yk.ca.

Professional Bookkeeping Completion Certificate

One of the most critical functions of good business practice is the maintenance of concise and accurate account and financial records. This series of courses will provide you with a solid grasp of industry best practices in bookkeeping. You can focus on one course and enhance a specific skill set, or complete the entire six-course program and attain a thorough understanding of accounting, financial recording, and the software that accompanies this line of work. You must complete all six of the required courses to receive the Professional Bookkeeping certificate.

Bookkeeping Core Courses:

Bookkeeping Fundamentals Level 1  ACCT 003  FALL 2014  & WINTER 2015

Bookkeeping Fundamentals Level 2  ACCT 004  FALL 2014 & WINTER 2015

Excel 2010 Level 1  EXCL 001  FALL 2014

Excel 2010 Level 2  EXCL 002   FALL 2014

Simply Accounting Level 1  ACCT 001  FALL 2014

Simply Accounting Level 2  ACCT 002  WINTER 2015


Additional Bookkeeping Accounting Courses:

**Introduction to Bookkeeping is strongly recommended for students with no bookkeeping experience or course-work prior to starting the certificate:

Introduction to Bookkeeping  ACCT 007 

Transaction Analysis for Bookkeeping  ACCT 006  FALL 2014 and WINTER 2015

Year-end Accounting  ACCT 005   FALL 2014 and WINTER 2015


Climate Change Considerations

Northern Climate ExChange, Yukon Research Centre

Decision Making for Climate Change  CCIP 001 


Project Management

Wondering where to start with your next project? Discover how to execute on-time and on-budget by adopting the internationally-recognized standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Whether you are responsible for big or small projects, or even if you are looking for a way to manage your current workload, this suite of courses can enhance your project management skills and help you gain the reputation as an organized, efficient and successful project manager. Earn Professional Development Unit (PDU) credits from the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Certificate in Project Management

Requirements: Certificate granted on completions of following 2 courses

Project Management Essentials: Part 1  PROJ 001  FALL 2014

Project Management Essentials: Part 2  PROJ 003  FALL 2014


Certificate in Advanced Project Management

Managing Project Teams and Stakeholders  PROJ 004  FALL 2014

Project Management Essentials: Part 1  PROJ 001  FALL 2014

Project Management Essentials: Part 2  PROJ 003  FALL 2014


Preparation Workshops for Professional Designation in Project Management

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Preparation  PROJ 002  FALL 2014

Certified Associate in Project Management Certification (CAPM) Exam Preparation Workshop  PROJ 008 


Project Management Productivity Workshops

MS Project 2010 for Managing Projects  PROJ 006  FALL 2014

Project Risk Management  PROJ 005  FALL 2014

Introduction to Project Management for Non-Project Managers  PROJ 009


Leadership and Supervisory Skills CE Certificate Program

This certificate program has been developed specifically for employees who are new to a management role or who are looking to update or refresh the supervisory skills they have developed on-the-job. This practical and applied program includes case studies, role plays and other interactive activities in a hands-on environment. Explore the program by taking any single course, or earn the entire certificate over a full year.
Each course includes 12 hours of training. You must complete five Level 1 courses within five years to achieve a Level 1 Certificate. A selection of Level 1 Certificate courses are listed below.
For information please contact Daniel Anton  at 867.668.5258 or danton@yukoncollege.yk.ca.


Accelerated Human Resources Administrator Certificate

Do you find personal satisfaction in helping others? Are you a “natural-born problem solver"? If so, this program may be right for you. Develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a variety of careers, including: • Assistant Benefits Administrator • Employment Staffing Assistant • Human Resources Assistant • Human Resources Generalist • Human Resources Receptionist • Human Resources Secretary • Human Resources Support • Personnel Generalist • Payroll Clerk • Pension & Benefits Administrator • Recruiter • Assistant Staff Relations Administrator • Staff Training & Development Assistant • Wage & Salary Assistant Administrator

Target one skill set by taking one course, or achieve the entire certificate in only 5 months. This new program is scheduled to maximize your ability to work and learn at the same time.

Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) Fundamentals  HRAC 001 

Compensation and Benefits Administration  HRAC 003   

Employee Recruitment and Selection  HRAC 004 

Labour and Employment Law  HRAC 002  

Mindful Mentorship  HRAC 007

Orientation, Mentoring and Training Programs  HRAC 005 

Performance Management  HRAC 006 


Contract and Procurement

Osgoode Hall Law School Certificate in Public Procurement Law and Practice  LAW 014

Secrets of Contract Management  LAW 001  

Secrets of Competitive Bidding Law: 2012 Update  LAW 006

Bullet-Proofing Your RFPs: A Survival Guide for Public Sector Buyers PROP 001  FALL 2014

What the Evaluators are REALLY Looking for: Laser-Focusing Your Proposals PROP 002  FALL 2014 

Administrative Professional Completion Certificate

Are you looking for a practical, transferable, highly in-demand skill set? Perhaps you are looking to improve your skills as an Administrative professional? Maybe you are thinking about reentering the workforce? These condensed, highly skill-focused series of courses will help you master essential business skills such as time management, professional relations, verbal and written communication, computer software applications, minute-taking, keyboarding, and conflict resolution. To achieve the Administrative Professional Enrichment certificate, complete the core courses and choose two more from our list of electives.

Core Courses:

Managing Time and Priorities  ADMN 016 

Professional Relations 1: Managing Yourself and Your Environment  ADMN 017 

Professional Relations 2: Employeeship  ADMN 018 

Strategic Writing for Business Professionals  MCOM 005 


Choose two Electives for Certification:

Client Services: Client Service and Difficult Clients  ADMN 019 

Excel 2010 Level 1  EXCL 001 FALL 2014

Excel 2010 Level 2  EXCL 002  WINTER 2014

Foundations of Collaborative Conflict Resolution: Workplace Focus  CCR 101  

Keyboarding  ADMN 020

Professional Relations 1: Managing Yourself and Your Environment  ADMN 017 

Outlook 2010- Email and More  OUT 001

Professional Minute-taking  MINU 001

Teamwork  ADMN 021 

Word 2010 Level 1  WORD 001 

Word 2010 Level 2  WORD 002 


New! Course Offerings

(*The courses listed below are one and two day workshops that require no prerequisite and are non-credit workshops)

The Essentials of Copy Editing and Proofreading COMM 022 

The Fundamentals of Administrative Investigation and Interview  ADMN 023 

Making and Working in a Productive and Healthy Workplace  ADMN 022 

SharePoint for Project Management  PROJ 007 


Professional Development Workshop Series

Professional Development series covers a variety of business, supervision and management related topics that focus on personal, self-growth, and professional development. These short courses have been developed specifically for employees who are new to a management role or supervisory role or who are looking to update or refresh skill developed on-the-job.

Effective Resume Building and Interview Skills MCOM 001  FALL 2014 and WINTER 2015

Professional Minute-Taking MINU 001  FALL 2014

Mastery of Meetings LEAD 022  FALL 2014

Engage the Brain to Solve Conflicts CONR 001  FALL 2014

Tools for Navigating Difficult Conversation CONR 002  FALL 2014

Setting Boundaries CONR 003  FALL 2014

Step Up How to Speak Up SPCH 001  FALL 2014


Instructor Skills

Instructional Skills Workshop  ISW 001