by Davida Wood
November 17, 2011

Well, as many of you may have noticed, we are well into our second year of Mo’vember. That’s right, I said it, Mo’vember, more commonly referred to as November, but since 2010 we can no longer refer to this cold wintery month as only November. I imagine that you may have noticed more then one bushy, bristly, shaggy or perhaps sparse moustache being sported on many a faces this month. Luckily for us this is for a good cause and is also good for a few laughs, but let’s get back to the good cause part. Mo’vember was started to raise awareness, and research money in support of prostate cancer initiatives. Men across the country are asked to shave their face on the first day of Mo’vember and then let the growing begin. There are posters and ads all around the country providing many possible moustache styles’ and grooming tips this month.




While the majority of us here at FNI are physically unable to support this cause by sprouting hair on our upper lips, we thought it might be nice to at least support the cause in the best way we can.



Miss Moustachio Shelby

Mrs. Moustachio Davida

Senora Moustachio Victoria

Madame Moustachio Tosh

And last but not least, our only real "grower" Mr. Moustachio Josh!


And there you have it, the FNI team in support of this ever important month, Mo’vember. For more information on Mo’vember please visit their website at you can browse many a Canadian’s page in which they will update their growing success throughout the month, and of course, please feel free to make a donation to this very worthy cause.

Pssst….you may even find one or two of the college staff members on the site that you may which to support.

Happy Mo’vember!!!