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President’s Strategy Council

The President’s Strategy Council (PSC) acts as a consultative and planning group to provide the President with diverse views and thinking representing the various internal and external stakeholder groups served by the college including:

  • Academic programs
  • Administrative and finance services
  • Business and industry
  • First Nations
  • Rural communities
  • Students
  • Student services
  • Whitehorse, Yukon, and Canadian governments
  • Yukon Research Centre

The PSC will comprise of senior level managers, whose primary responsibility is for one or more of these stakeholder groups.  PSC will meet regularly to address matters relevant to the College’s future direction.  The purpose of the committee will be to inform planning and decision-making at other senior committees and to support the President and each other in preparing information for the Board of Governors, Academic Council or other relevant groups.

Clint Sawicki
Interim Vice President Research
Phone: 867.668.8772
Clint Sawicki
Dr. Deb Bartlette
Vice President Academic and Student Services
Phone: 867.668.8715
Deb Bartlette
Michael Hale
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 867.668.8702
Jacqueline Bedard
Executive Director, External and Government Relations
Phone: 867.668.8806
Jacqueline Bedard
Shelagh Rowles
Executive Director, Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining
Phone: 867.668.8741
Shelagh Rowles
Tosh Southwick
Director of First Nations Initiatives and Academic and Skill Development
Phone: 867.456.8673
Tosh Southwick
Lacia Kinnear
Director of Strategic Growth and Innovation
Phone: 867.456.6987
Lacia Kinnear